Thursday, 25 November 2010

Chin up!

I was at a launch today, a skincare product that comes with a set of facial exercises. Now I know we all think of exercising our bodies but our faces... not really thought about that one before. The products seem lovely, and I tried the exercises - I could feel the muscles aching afterwards (think The Scream). But definitely, definitely, not something to do while you're travelling on the tube!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Design beauties

During my research for an upcoming feature I came across these images - wow, how the humble basin has changed. Of course, unless you have a huge bathroom they're not very practical. I can't see them fitting into my smallest room.

(Top) Ylang basin by Decotec Paris

(Bottom) Art Basin Cup,designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati for Artceram

Monday, 22 November 2010

Happier now

Oh dear, I was on a bit of downer back in April. Work-wise things started to look up not long after that, which is of course, typical. Now I am very happy in a part-time magazine role and freelancing. Not earning enough of course, but things could be a lot worse.

It seems to me that generally things seem to be getting a little better, there's more optimism and dare I say it, more work out there?

Anyway, enough of that, deepness is not what's called for today. Today I needed to hear something fluffy, so was happy to receive news of a survey that says Stephen Fry would be the dream Christmas dinner guest for 46% of respondents. The survey, by a furniture company, manages to link tasteful furniture with people! Not bad.

I think I could very well be the only person in the country who didn't see the fainting episode on I'm a Celebrity last night - am I the only one who doesn't watch reality television? That is sad.

Hello again

I have been so lax at keeping my blog up to date, it's almost a year, give or take a few months since my last post. Not very good. In that time lots has happened on my journey with John. We have hardly been in the school, instead we have wandered around the countryside where we live, enjoying the summer and getting to know each other better, building trust, as we hack out.

He is so good, even when confronted with cows, tractors, white vans, bulldozers and bikes. If a blade of grass looks at him the wrong way or a bird flaps out of a bush, well, that's another matter.

A few weeks ago there were three of us riding out, we were talking and didn't realise we were about to pass a house where dogs always bark. Have you ever seen horses do a Mexican wave? The three of them jumped on the spot one after the other. We laughed so much - a year ago I would probably have fallen off.

Since them unfortunately John has suffered from lameness and has been resting. We started riding again this week but we have to take it slowly - no more schooling and no more working on a circle for him. He is coming up to 23 after all, bless him.