Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mulling it over...

I'm sitting here contemplating what to do next. I keep seeing loads of great job adverts out there but I've chosen to try the freelance route so I can spend some time at home with my family. Just sometimes I resent that a little, which is stupid because it is my choice after all.

Yet I hear government ministers banging on about flexible working and how parents should spend more time with their kids. In theory it works, but in practice, at least in the journalism industry, it doesn't.

It's the only industry I can speak about with any credibility having spent so many years in it, but in my experience publishers and editors are against the idea of part-time or flexible working. Is it because there's a certain mystery to magazines, a certain ego and sense of self-importance that says 'oh we couldn't possibly work with a part-time editor, we need somebody here five days a week'? Don't know. What I do know is that recently I have missed out on several jobs that could have been mine if I'd agreed to go full-time. Which is why I'm sitting here now contemplating life and work. There's a new puppy at my feet though who is having a great time ripping up my research and magazines, making me smile, so it's not all bad. Apologies for the downer, more optimism tomorrow I promise.

From someone who juggles their life but who has a problem keeping all their balls in the air!