Monday, 1 February 2010

Well stroppy!

My eight year old knows it all. At her tender age she is sure she is right about everything, I can't possibly understand her world and I'm an embarrassment to her, especially when I sing.

Her attitude, which isn't helped by her love of Hannah Montana and Sonny With A Chance, oh and the Wizards of Waverley Place, has come to a head in the past couple of days when it's time to go to school.

Tantrum is hardly the right word for her behaviour. The slightest thing sets her off and I'm starting to wonder if she's hormonal. Could that be possible at her age?

What all of the above mentioned TV shows have in common is a rather precocious teenager who is loud and cheeky - and she is taking it on board. I think I will have to ban these programmes from our television.

While it is comical watching her wagging her finger and moving her head from side to side in that particular American-teenage-TV-star-way (I can't do it, I've tried), enough is enough.

She is going to have to be satisfied with CBeebies from now on.

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