Monday, 1 February 2010

Hands that do dishes...

One thing I can guarantee at this time of year, without fail, my hands will become really dry and look ancient, while the skin on my fingers will crack and split in places and become really sore. It sounds horrible and it is, and it's something that has been happening to me every winter since I was a child.

Many years ago I underwent a series of allergy tests but the doctors at the hospital couldn't find anything obvious I was allergic to so they came to the conclusion that my hands got into such a state because of washing up and water. The doctor who spoke to me apologised for being 'sexist' but said it was because of all the cleaning/ washing dishes/ housework/ washing clothes that women do.

Well these days I never hand wash - the machine does it, I have a dishwasher and as for cleaning, my other half would laugh if somebody said I do too much housework. Yet my hands are still a mess.

So I'm on a mission to find the best hand cream to help them. And I have tried loads let me tell you. So far my favourite is by Dermalogica, but I'm open to suggestions if anybody can recommend others?

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