Saturday, 30 January 2010

Outlook sunny

Why am I now so interested in the weather? I can't go to bed at night without first watching the weather report after the news. Darren tells me I'm obsessed! He doesn't get it but other horse owners will understand I know. Since having a horse what it's like outside has taken on a whole new importance. Is it going to be sunny - yay, great for riding; windy - not good as he spooks if it's gusty; rainy - oh not so bad, I can cope with that, though torrential is miserable; icy or snowy - well, we have to stay at home if it's too slippy. You see, the weather forecast is crucial.

Then there's the question of rugs. How many and what ones depend on the temperature - one, two, stable rug, sheet, blanket or both?

If the taps freeze there's no water, poo picking the field is easier though when the temperature is below zero, snow means it's harder to get to the grass, while too much rain makes for a quagmire.

Yes, the weather forecast has definitely taken on a new significance since I became horsey.

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