Thursday, 12 November 2009

Caring for your skin - winter

I don't know about you but the heating dial is well and truly on in our house. I am no fan of the cold, trouble is, central heating though making you feel warm and toasty, is awful for drying out your skin. That coupled with the havoc wreaked by the winter wind and rain, makes extra TLC for your face and body essential.

Try these top tips:

1) Don't let the air in your home become too dry. Place water beside radiators to increase the room's moisture content.

2) Many people swear by a richer moisturiser at this time of year to counteract the elements. You could choose one from your usual brand or try something new. Book a skincare consultation at the beauty counter of your local department store to experiment with new products or treat yourself to a luxurious facial at a health club or spa.

3) Take the opportunity to treat yourself to a new body cream. Be as extravagant as you dare and apply it to damp skin after bathing.

4) Remember to use sunscreen on your face even though it's winter. Make sure your moisturiser contains at least SPF15.

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