Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Putting the colour back

Yay! Haircare experts L'Oreal think they have found the answer to grey hair. Researchers at the company's centre in Clichy, Paris, are developing a treatment they hope will restore grey hair to its original colour - and it could be on the market in 10 years.

Patricia Pineau, L'Oreal's Research Communications Director, says: "Hair is an enigma. It is a fibre, a material with physical properties. It is also a living organ that grows, greys and falls out."

She continues: "When hair goes grey there is a progressive disappearance of the melanocytes from the hair. While there are still mealnocytes in the hair, there is still hope that it could be re-pigmented."

I can't wait. As somebody who started going grey in her 20s (thanks Dad!) and who hates the muss and fuss of hair dye, it can't come soon enough.
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