Sunday, 20 September 2009

Getting closer

We went into the school tonight – a bit of walk and trot, nothing more as with the jumps up there’s not enough room to canter, not for me anyway.

Afterwards we headed off down the lane. After his recent nappiness I was apprehensive as to whether or not we’d make it past the yard. Sure enough, John planted his feet and refused to move forwards. It was tea time and he was making sure I knew he knew it.

Efforts to persuade him forwards resulted in him going backwards, turning and going backwards some more. Words of encouragement from friends at the yard couldn’t quell my nerves at what he was doing, but with their support I actually eventually succeeded in getting the stubborn old so-and-so to move forwards. And I was still in the saddle!!

When he finally conceded I was in charge (this time) we walked off down the lane accompanied by an understanding friend for moral support. We progressed further than we’d ever gone before – twice – as we came back and did the whole thing again. And there were no shenanigans this time. Success! We are almost ready to embark on a hack proper I think.

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