Saturday, 19 September 2009

Age is a state of mind

What happened? Last time I looked I was 20, then I blinked and somehow I have arrived at the startling age of 45, not knowing how I got here. Thank goodness that being 45 today is not the same as it was - it's the new 25 don't you know, or at least in my head it is. Which brings me nicely to my point - age is a state of mind. So, while my body might complain, creaking with odd twinges from time to time, my thoughts, feelings and emotions are the same as those of the 20-something girl I see when I look in the mirror, albeit with an added topping of maturity.

Beauty, fashion, music, friends and family are still as important to me as they ever were. I still get excited and nervous by new things, feel carefree on warm, sunny mornings and cry at sad stories (and even happy ones).

It matters to me how I feel and look - and when I look good, I feel confident. Obviously as far as hair and skincare goes, needs change over the years - I've moisturised religiously since I was 15 but baby lotion on my face just won't cut it anymore! And as for some catwalk trends well, we'll not even go there.

What I'm after are beauty products that suit my skin, makeup that complements my face and fashion that works with me rather than against me. I hope my blog is useful to other 40-somethings who are as shocked as I am at where the years have gone, but who feel exactly the same as they did before and still know how to enjoy every last drop of the fun that is life.

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